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Match 1 [Arrival]

[ Action for 1249 Williams Road. ]

[ Niou likes sleeping in, and waking him up before he's ready will make him grouchy and grumpy, and you'll probably regret doing it. Unfortunately for him and everyone around him, he isn't able to sleep in this morning, because there's sunlight seeping through his windows.

This is his first clue that something's not quite right. His room his black curtains so that the sunlight can't get through.

He sits up and blinks. And then does it again for good measure. After the initial "these aren't my clothes", "this isn't my room", and "where the fuck am I?"s, he decides he's going to play this totally cool. Yeah, he totally wakes up in strange places every day, and being in the 50's is totally cool with him. No biggie.

So he goes to explore the rest of this house that isn't fucking his. ]

[ Phone: ]

Holy fuck, it's been so long since I last watched Grease that I forgot how people dressed back then. I seriously need t'get my hands on a leather jacket. I'll go all John Travolta on your asses. Slicked back hair and everything. [ A short pause. ] Fuck. I don't suppose there's any place around here where I can get hair bleach, is there?


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"You can get bleach at the general store. There is a barber's shop that probably sells hair bleach."


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Oh, good. It'd be a fuckin' shame if I had to go back to black 'cos I couldn't bleach it anymore.

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"I see. Is black hair bad?"

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Oh, yeah. Black's totally bad. The worst. White's way better.

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"I see. You don't sound like a girl, are you one?"

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I'm only a girl on Tuesdays.

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[Deadpan, well, MORE deadpan, she's always deadpan]

"I see. Well then on Tuesday call back and I'll tell you where to get the things that don't damage your hair."

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What, I can only get haircare advice from someone if I'mma chick? Damn, the fifties are sexist.

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Between your voice, the totally unnecessary swearing, and the high prioritization of hair bleach... you remind me of somebody I know.

[ in fact, he's pretty sure this is who he thinks this is. ]

I really need to stop commenting with the wrong journal. :|

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Oh yeah? You sound kinda familiar too. Ah... oh, I got it. You're that chick I slept with last weekend, aren't you?

[ Yes, Niou just insinuated that he sounds like a girl. ]

haha, it's cool! o/

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Oh, like, yeah. That was sooooo rude of you, leaving before I even woke up the next morning.

[ ok this is getting kinda weird, so he's going to change the subject - ] Seriously, though - this is Niou, right?

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Hey, one night stands are called one night stands for a reason. 'Sides, I hate clingy girls.

[ Yeah, he'll just go with the flow and subject change. ] Bingo. Hope you haven't been havin' too much fun without me.

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Are you calling me clingy? I resent that.

Nah, it's been mostly the opposite of fun, with a few exceptions. But I'll be counting on you to get me to do the dumb, risky pranks that I've been trying to resist doing, among other things.

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I think I like the sound of that 'among other things' part. How long've you been here?

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You would like that, wouldn't you.

Hmm... almost two months, I think!

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Who wouldn't?

Anybody else of importance hangin' around?

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electrowhipit: (ALT | nothing unusual here)

fdskldf sorry for being so late on this!

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[ There's something in this house that distinctly does not belong in the 1950's, and that would be the blue Chevrolet Volt sitting in the driveway. It's somehow looking like it's enjoying the sunshine, despite, you know, being a car. ]

It's fine! ^^

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[ After investigating the house inside and out, Niou ambles on outside. The car isn't even the first thing he notices. The first thing he notices is that every. Single. House. Looks. The. Same.

Then he notices the car, and he lets out a low whistle. ]

Well hello there, you pretty thing. You certainly don't belong in a place like this. [ Niou has an appreciation for nice cars. ]
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[ There's a beat of silence, and the car moves, rolling back on its wheels slightly.

Stranger still, it talks. ]

I'm flattered, kid, but you're not my type.

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[ Cue the mandatory startled step back and the wide-eyed look. Congratulations, it's not often that Niou's taken by surprise, and it's even less often that he lets it show. ]

Holy fuck. Why is there--, I don't even--. [ He sits, right where he'd been standing just a second earlier. ] Can sombody explain to me why there's a talkin' fuckin' car in the fuckin' fifties.
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Easy there.

[ Something flickers, and a young man... sort of... appears just off to the car's side. He's a hologram, but he looks real. He holds up his hands ]

I'm not here to hurt you. I'm also not a car.

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[ Niou's just going to stare. He's going to stare until he knows he won't sound freaked out when he speaks, and until he's able to carefully arrange his expression into a very, very blank poker face.

Now he's got this whole it's cool, I encounter talking not-cars all the time thing going on. ]

Guess the definition of car has seriously changed since I last checked.
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That car's a disguise. I'll show you what I really look like if you promise not to freak out.

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[ Still with the poker face. He realizes he's still sitting and stands, brushing himself off. ]

Me? Freak out? Never.

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