Jul. 7th, 2011

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[ Action for 1249 Williams Road. ]

[ Niou likes sleeping in, and waking him up before he's ready will make him grouchy and grumpy, and you'll probably regret doing it. Unfortunately for him and everyone around him, he isn't able to sleep in this morning, because there's sunlight seeping through his windows.

This is his first clue that something's not quite right. His room his black curtains so that the sunlight can't get through.

He sits up and blinks. And then does it again for good measure. After the initial "these aren't my clothes", "this isn't my room", and "where the fuck am I?"s, he decides he's going to play this totally cool. Yeah, he totally wakes up in strange places every day, and being in the 50's is totally cool with him. No biggie.

So he goes to explore the rest of this house that isn't fucking his. ]

[ Phone: ]

Holy fuck, it's been so long since I last watched Grease that I forgot how people dressed back then. I seriously need t'get my hands on a leather jacket. I'll go all John Travolta on your asses. Slicked back hair and everything. [ A short pause. ] Fuck. I don't suppose there's any place around here where I can get hair bleach, is there?


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