Sep. 6th, 2011

Match 7

Sep. 6th, 2011 07:16 pm
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Phone | Afternoon | Filtered to Marui Bunta

So, Marui. About this tennis shit. I think it's time to launch into Plan B. Bring out the troops full force. Whataya think?

A. Action | Mid-day | John Doe Park

[ Niou's been in Mayfield for exactly two months today. He's done decided that it's time to bust out some pranks. He's been keeping himself busy, but now he has some downtime, and he plans on spending it well.

He can be found in the park, sitting on the bench and reading a fairly thick book. Only here's the catch: Niou doesn't look like Niou. Instead of his disheveled bleached white hair, he has perfectly groomed brown hair, parted very neatly to one side, and much shorter. His beauty mark is gone, he's wearing a pair of wire-framed glasses, and his expression is very neutral. His sitting up ram-rod straight with one leg crossed over the other.

In short, he looks like a completely different person, and will introduce himself with a different name. Yagyuu Hiroshi. He'll smile politely and offer up a nice hello as you pass. Even his voice is different, carrying lower tones and enunciated words. ]


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