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Match 5

A. Action | Early Morning | 1249 Williams Road

[ Until today, Niou had not once touched that damn milk. He'd heard everything about it, and he had no desire to go anywhere near it. He wasn't stupid, after all, or that much of a dare devil. But this particular morning, when he wakes up, he feels like drinking the milk is a spectacular idea.

So he does!

The household may wake up to the sound of breaking glass and metal clinking against the sink. That would be Niou dropping the milk and spitting razor blades out of his mouth. They've cut the inside of his mouth and the back of his throat up pretty badly, but thankfully, he hasn't swallowed any. He will spend the next several minutes just spitting and bleeding into the sink, though.

Any help from his housemates is greatly appreciated, although he will not be talking. At all. ]

B. Action | Midday | Around town

[ Niou is wandering around town after his razor blade disaster. Probably a stupid idea since there's killing drones running loose, but he had to get out of that house. If you talk to him, he probably won't respond. He will mime out everything he wants to say. Either that, or he'll flip you off and ignore you. It's pretty damn obvious that he is not in a good mood. ]

C. Action | Afternoon | John Doe Park

[ Niou eventually settles on staying in the park. That's where he is now, laying sprawled out on a bench on his back. He's tossing a tennis ball up in the air and catching it again.

He still won't talk to you, considering his mouth hurts like hell, and it's probably a nasty sight anyway. He'll be more willing to actually respond in gestures, though, and less likely to flip you the bird. He seems to be in a much better mood than before. ]


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[...sticking her head into the room.]

Hey kid, you al-

What the heck happened?

[Running over now.]

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[ He holds up a hand towards her, signaling for her to stop. There's razors and broken glass all over the floor, and he doesn't want her stepping on them.

He coughs and spits into the sink some more before straightening up and wiping his mouth on a nearby towel. And then just holds it there. He turns, and without a word, points to the mess on the floor with his free hand. That should be explanation enough. ]

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[She stops and looks. Oh crap...]


You drank the milk?!

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[ He gives her a blank look. Then points to one of the posters sitting on the kitchen table that he'd taken from outside. He opens his mouth to elaborate, but just ends up making a small noise before snapping his mouth shut again and pressing the towel against it. Yeah, there will be no talking for him. ]

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[She nods.]

Okay. Stay there. I'll clean up the mess and then we can see how your mouth is doing.

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[ He gives her a thumbs up with his free hand. It's not like he can do much else, anyway. He's kind of at a disadvantage here. ]

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[Goes to clean up the stuff then.]

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[ Just going to lean against the counter and watch. And periodically spit into the sink. Because, yeah, still bleeding. Mayfield just keeps getting more and more awesome. ]

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[And the floor is clean now.]

Okay, let's see those cuts.

Deleted because I suddenly sucked at grammar. /o\

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[ Somewhat reluctantly, he opens his mouth. They're mostly on his tongue, but there are some on the roof of his mouth, his cheeks, and the back of his throat. ]

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[Looks at them.]

Okay, they don't look that bad. I'll get the first aid kit out.

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[ He arches an eyebrow. He's not sure what can be done about cuts in the mouth. But he'll let her do her thing. She's the not!mom here, after all. ]

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[Yup, and she's also used to looking after injuries. Usually her own. Passes him over some gauze.]

Here, keep the gauze stuff on the cuts until they stop bleeding. Oh and don't swallow the blood it'll make ya' sick.

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[ He holds the gauze to his tongue. He's used to mouth injuries. Getting hit in the face with a tennis ball a couple of times can do that. But he's certainly not used to actual cuts in his mouth. ]

( action c )

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Oh, Niou.

[ Marui here got the spiders. He was lucky enough to not get bitten very badly, but they've caused his face to puff up here and there... so now he thpeakth with a thlight lithp.

He takes a seat next to Niou on the bench. ]

Tho. Thith really thuckth, huh.

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[ Niou sits up and just stares at Marui for a moment. Because 'this really sucks' is a huge understatement.

Although, hearing the lisp is rather amusing. Instead of commenting on it, he just smirks. And then he ducks his head and laughs silently. ]

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... I can thee you laughing, Niou. Even if I can't hear it.

Aaaanywayth, I gueth you drank the milk too, huh.

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[ He straightens up, the last bit of laughter dying on his face. He nods, then after a moment, opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue so that Marui could see the cuts covering it. ]

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... That'th pretty gory.

[ he just sits in silence for a few moments before huffing a sigh. ] Mayfield hath thome pretty creative wayth of torturing uth, huh. Though I don't think thith beath the whole killing thpree a while back.

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[ He nods and closes his mouth. He knows, he stared at it for half an hour in the mirror while trying to get the bleeding to stop.

Another nod, and then he shrugs. He's still not talking, but if he were, he'd be using his voice to make fun of Marui. Or complain a bit. But as it is, he's just going to mime things out when necessary. ]

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And do you know what the wortht part of it all ith? ... I can't even chew gum with my cheekth all puffed up.

[ not serious, of course. ] At leatht it wathn't poithon, though.

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[ Oh now look, he's laughing again, with a hand touching his throat gently, because even laughing hurts at this point.

He opens his mouth like he's going to speak, then closes it again. He reaches into his pocket, and after pulling out a screwdriver and a knife and setting them aside, he pulls out a gigantic permanent marker. It was originally for vandalism, but he's found it's came in handy recently. The front and back of his hand already has writing on it, so he goes for his arm and writes, "After this, I'm not drinking anything for a while. Fuck that." and holds it out for Marui to see.

He could go for a round of charades to get his point across, but that was too time consuming. And stupid. ]

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... Ith there thomebody elth in your houth that can drink inthtead? I dunno if you've noticed, but... weird thtuff happenth when nobody in the houth drinkth at all. Or at leatht, it did in my houth.

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[ Now writing near his elbow. "Yeah, I started catching on after the third time I almost got stabbed on the way over here." Can you hear the sarcasm there? ]

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Okay, okay. The point being, ith there anybody elth that can drink in your house?

... And what're you gonna do when you run out of limbth to write on? [ ... ] You can't write on me.

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[ He scowls and flips his arm over to write on the underside. "There are three other people who can. Whether or not they're selfless enough to do so is a different question." He glares for a moment. Dammit, that had been his solution when he ran out of skin. "I can too write on you. Just watch me, lispy." ]

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... I'm gonna be tho pithed off if you try to murder me the necktht time I thee you. Jutht tho you know... half my family hath tried to kill me in the patht two dayth, that'th why I finally bit and gave the milk a try.

[ scootching further down that bench... ] Uh-huh, you try that, then.

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[ Roooooolling his eyes. Then he switches the marker to his right hand and starts writing on his left arm. "Totally sucks to be you then. I'll try to give you a heads up if I randomly start killing people." ]

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Well, I'll probably be able to tell either way, but the thought ith nith. I'd like to make it through the retht of the week without being killed or maimed or poithoned if at all pothible.

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[ Writing on the underside of his arm now. Seriously running out of room here. "I'm pretty sure that's what the entire town wants, lispy." ]

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You don't have to call me lithpy, it'th gonna go away thooner or later. And thtop wasthting your writing thpace, while you're at it.

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[ Nope, still writing on his arm. "I'm going to call you lispy forever. I'm just waiting for an excuse to write on you." ]

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Write on me and I'll punch you in the mouth and it'll hurt. [ no he won't, he's not even trying to bluff. ]

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[ He's calling your bluff and rolling his eyes. "You will not. And if you have the balls to try it, I'll bite your hand." Now completely out of room. The next time he writes, it won't be on himself. ]

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... But I don't want to be drawn on. Fine, I'll thove you really hard, how about that?

Don't write your answer, jutht shake or nod.

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[ He reaches out and snatches up Marui's wrist, but doesn't actually write on it yet. He has no way of informing him that it's either this, or he's taking of his clothes to find more skin. ]