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Match 6 Sharp dressed man

Action: John Doe Park

[ Niou just got his wardrobe back, and he's breaking out the snazzy part of it. He's wearing a pinstripe pants and vest combo paired with a red silk shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A black tie is drawn around his neck and tucked neatly into the front of his vest. A black fedora with a red ribbon around the base tipped over his eyes pulls the whole look together.

He's got a certain swagger to his walk that could be perceived as either arrogance or happiness. Either way, it's clear that he's in a better mood than he has been recently.

He'll be approaching and striking up conversations with anyone he decides looks interesting. He'll also be happy with people striking up conversations with him.

Be prepared for a snarky wit and endless charm. ]

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[Crowe comes across Niou whole out on his paper route. O-Oh hey that's pretty sharp. Even Crowe with his total lack of fashion sense has to admit that.]

Ah, hi Niou. I'm taking it you got some clothes back from home?

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[ He grins widely, and there's a hint of cockiness to it. ]

Hell yeah. Gotta tell ya, it's great to have them back. [ Especially the fedoras. He reaches up and runs his fingers over the brim of it. ]

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I got some of my suits back awhile ago, but I never really have much cause to wear them. I did get to wear one to the prom, at least. Still, yeah, it is nice to have them back.

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I'd wear this bit without an occasion. [ Obviously. ] Now that I have my clothes back [ AKA, his props. ] the real fun can begin.

[ Do you see that smile? You should be scared of that smile. ]

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So I see somebody's in a good mood today. Nice outfit.

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I can talk without feelin' like somebody's holdin' a lighter to my throat. I'd call that an improvement. [ At the mention of his outfit, he glances down at it, checking himself out. As if he hasn't done it twenty times before. ]

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Yeah, and you don't have to write all over me. I think it's an improvement, too.

[ ha, he sees you. ] ... No matter how many times you do that, you're still the only person checking you out.

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[ He's totally not bothered by that comment. ] With as flashy as this outfit is? Can't be.

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You just keep telling yourself that, then. Maybe people are looking at you... but only 'cause you're a middle schooler dressing like you're not.

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Please. We both know that I look way older than I actually am. We all do. [ We being the entire team. ]

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[ We being the entire series. ]

I think I look pretty youthful, personally!

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You look about as old as Akaya actually is, really.

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... Nothing wrong with that, is there?

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Well, I suppose not. [ The looks on his face says he isn't even convinced by his own words. ]

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... C'mon, you have to back up your words. At least come up with one decent reason!!

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Do I need one decent reason? I think 'because I said so' is good enough.

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Only you think so! I want an unbiased reason.

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Well don't come to me for an unbiased reason. I only give biased ones.

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At least you can admit that, I guess.

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O-oh! Maybe... sir, did you 'regain' a ribbon too?

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[ He's confused for a moment, although it doesn't show behind his razor grin. Then he realizes what she's talking about and reaches up to touch the ribbon on his fedora. ]

Oh, this? [ Taking the fedora off now. ] No, it came with the hat.

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O-oh... I guess that makes sense. I'm probably the only one who would get ribbons back...

Oh, but! It's a nice hat! Did you regain that, or did you buy it in Mayfield? It suits you!

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Regained it. [ He's grinning his razor sharp grin again. ] Can't buy quality shit like this here. [ He places the hat back on his head, tipping it over his eyes. ]

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O-oh, I see! I didn't realize...

Well, it's quite nice none the less! Is this some sort of, um... work uniform for home or something?

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Nope. Just what I like to wear when I'm tryin' to impress.

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O-oh... well, in that case... you look very impressive, sir!

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[ He grins his razor-sharp grin and tips his hat down to cover his eyes. ] How old do I look? [ It's not random, really. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation behind it. ]