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Niou Masaharu ([personal profile] mathisradical) wrote2011-08-23 05:52 pm

Match 6 Sharp dressed man

Action: John Doe Park

[ Niou just got his wardrobe back, and he's breaking out the snazzy part of it. He's wearing a pinstripe pants and vest combo paired with a red silk shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A black tie is drawn around his neck and tucked neatly into the front of his vest. A black fedora with a red ribbon around the base tipped over his eyes pulls the whole look together.

He's got a certain swagger to his walk that could be perceived as either arrogance or happiness. Either way, it's clear that he's in a better mood than he has been recently.

He'll be approaching and striking up conversations with anyone he decides looks interesting. He'll also be happy with people striking up conversations with him.

Be prepared for a snarky wit and endless charm. ]

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