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Match 10 | Backdated to the 25th

Action: School

[ When Niou is cheerful, it usually means he just found new blackmail material on somebody or he's just pulled an amazing prank. But that's not the case today! He can be found walking down the hallway, whistling cheerfully, or sitting at his usual lunch table, having pleasant conversations with people. Whatever the case, when you walk by, he greets you in a chirpy voice. ]

Hey there!

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[ A bright smile. ] I'm glad I'm here! It's fuckin' nice today, isn't it?

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Things couldn't be better.

[ Oh, yay, food! He takes it with a grateful smile. ]

Yeah, basically the same. I'm not sure what to do about Jolt, though. He's kind of a robot. [ A brief flash of an unsure look before he's smiling again. ]

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Ahahaha! Right!

[ Niou is... always this mean. ]

Ah, yes. Things will be a lot more interesting from now on.

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Yes ma'am! [ Pod!Niou doesn't seem to mind. ] Everything's under control on my end.

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You deserve to be more useful. We could take over this town by ourselves.

... Am I?

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My incredible good looks? That's what I'd like me for.

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Aw. And here I thought you were totally going for my pretty face and charm.

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[Pod!Rin at your service! He'll be smiling and waving back. ]

Oh, and here I thought school couldn't get any worse.

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I totally agree! It would be a lot better if you were at home.

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No it'd be exponentially better if you left. I'm sure a lot of people here would agree with me, you're a general pain to be around.

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You know, you're a lot cuter when you keep your mouth shut. And I think a lot of people here would agree with me on that.

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W-what the hell?! [Red faced because he's angry. ]

Is something else wrong with your head?! You don't call guys cute!!!

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[ Thoroughly convinced he's blushing because he likes it.

A pouty look. ]
Something else besides what?

I do too. Some guys are cute.

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[No that's not the case at all. Really. It's embarrassing. ]

Besides all of that.

Well I'm not one of them!

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[ 'Embarrassing' isn't in Niou's vocabulary. ]

What's wrong with this? [ Pointing to himself. ]

Well, not if you keep talking, you're not.

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[ What about humiliating.]

Everything! You're an asshole!

[akjrhjkaewrblkjawer] Good! Cause I don't wanna be called cute!!

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[ Nope, that's not there either. ]

Aw, that's not very nice. [ Pooooooout. ]

Why not? Girls like cute boys. Boys like cute boys.

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[How about mercy.]

Neither are you.

What the-that's-I'm not a kid! I'd rather be called cool!

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[ Even less so than embarrassing or humility. ]

Oh, please. I'm the nicest.

Well, calling you cool would be a lie. Wouldn't you rather want the truth?

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Just shut the hell up!! I don't want you to say anything!!

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[Forget the nerve, Rin's just going to punch Niou. Fists explained what he was feeling better than words did.]

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[ He saw it coming, and at the same time... didn't. He expected to get punched, just not so early in the game.

Now holding his nose, he shakes his head, grinning. ]
I'll take that as a yes.

[ And now he's advancing on you with every intent on hitting back. ]

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[Why beat around the bush when it could happen now?]

Kiss off! [Come at him bro, he's ready for whatever you've got.]

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Y'really wanna talk about kissin' after I called you cute? Somebody's persistent. [ And with that, he hits Rin hard with a left hook. ]

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[The only reason that punch landed is because Rin was too shocked to think about anything more than denying Niou's implications.

Consider his spitting to the ground a visual translation of how much he really doesn't like you Niou. Or the kick he'll be sending to your side.

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[ Ooh, he saw that one coming, though! He jumps out of the way at the last second, grinning wide. ]

I've got fast reflexes. You gotta do better than that.

[ He spreads his arms wide in a 'come at me, bro' gesture. ]

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[Rin takes the bait, and charges after the other with a fist locked straight for Niou's jaw.

He wasn't a skilled fighter, since most of his wins were direct result of him having inhuman strength. However he's been in enough of them to have a familiarity with their exchanges.

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[ Ooh, didn't move out of the way quite fast enough. Rin's fist grazes his jaw and make his teeth snap together.

The second he recovers, he aims a kick at Rin's ankles in an attempt to trip him. ]

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[This fight was going to last for a while. Rin will aim to get another punch on in Niou before he feels his legs kicked out from under him.

The darker haired teen will hit the ground: but won't let it stop him from sending a strong kick to the others knees.

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[ Hits to the knees hurt. And sadly, he doesn't manage to get out of the way fast enough. He actually hisses in pain as he hits the floor. But it isn't long before he's actually on top of Rin and hitting him hard in the face. ]

akrjbhaekr oh god this fight is glorious

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[There's blood spilling from his nose from the repeated abuse its gone through, but this doesn't stop Rin from twisting his hips aggressively to one side to throw Niou off. If only to keep the other back, but no doubt ready to strike again when the other came. ]

It's just a shame they won't remember it. :c

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[ Nope, didn't see that one coming. He almost falls sideways at the sudden movement, and has to take a moment to steady himself again. Unfortunately for him, it's probably a moment too long. ]

:c indeed. we should probably wrap this up though.

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[Rin doesn't take the chance to go over and beat Niou anymore than he already has. There were bettering things to do.]

Get the fuck out of here.

Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

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[ Maybe that would work, but Niou's a stubborn bastard. ]

I was here first. You leave. [ Now wiping blood from his various injuries. ]

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Are you still going on about that?? Fine I'll leave. I hate this place anyways.

[And he gets up, but not after spitting some of the blood dripping from his lips to the floor nearest Niou. Who wanted to stay in this stupid room anyways.]