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Match 11

A. Phone: Mantises, and ants, and crabs, oh my! [ Heavy hints of sarcasm here. ] And aliens, and man-eating jello, and thirty foot giants, and one inch midgets, and people dying, and vampire-zombie-things. [ And now his voice is blank. ] This just keeps gettin' better and better. I think I'll do that thing where I stay in the house all day and avoid the bullshit. Unless anyone important needs savin'. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

B. Phone | Private to Yagyuu Hiroshi:

... Yagyuu?

[ If you've gone off and died and became one of those creepy zombie-vampire things, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do. ]

C. Action | All around Mayfield:

[ Oh, look, he lied. He's not staying in the house all day. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but this cat still has nine lives (somehow). This curiosity has gotten the better of him, and now he's outside wandering around. ]

Phone ☆ A

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Niou-kun... u...un... Okay...

Take care of yourself, um... do you need anything...?

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I would kill for a backrub. [ He's joking. Kind of. ] Don't worry 'bout me, sugar. I'll be fine. Watch out for yourself. Don't kid kidnapped by any of those weird zombie-vampire things.

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Oh, uh...

um-. I'll be okay, but... what's your address, again...?

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1249 Williams Road. [ This is said nearly immediately, then he pauses. ] ... Why? [ Obviously, he doesn't actually expect a backrub. ]

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I um, just... don't go anywhere!

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[ Oh, now he's suspicious.

When he hears the knock on the door, he peeks out the window (because he's not opening the door for some creepy vampire-zombie thing), and isn't too surprised to see Madoka. He kind of figured she'd show up.

He opens the door, holding it wide enough for her to step through. ]

Well, guess I don't have to worry 'bout you gettin' kidnapped if you're here.

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I um... sorry, I should have asked but I um...

That's not why I'm here, I-... Came to give you a backrub...

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Nah, don't worry 'bout it. Company's always nice.

[ He actually looks surprised for a moment. He didn't expect to actually be offered a backrub. But... he's never been one to turn down such a favor. ]

You can all this way for that? Sugar, I'm flattered. [ And he's really not being a sarcastic asshole here. He's being pretty damn sincere. ]

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Ah... mm. It's nothing... I like company too, so...

... Sorry to come uninvited, still... Thank you, though.

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Like I said, it's fine. [ He ruffles her hair as she passes and closes the door behind her. He'd love to see her smile a real smile. A big one. So his new goal for today is to cheer her up. ] Now, about that backrub... [ He puts on a grin, something he's gotten way used to faking. ]

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Ah, mm! Um... do you want to sit down somewhere? I don't mind where... I used to give Mama backrubs... and Sayaka-chan... so I think I can do a good job.

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[ He swings himself into a kitchen chair so he's straddling it backwards. ]

I'm sure you'll do an amazing job.

[identity profile] 2011-10-31 02:37 am (UTC)(link)! I'll do my best!

L-let me know if there anywhere specific I should rub...? You do seem a bit tense, s-so...

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[ He didn't realize how tense he actually was until she started the backrub. He begins to relax, bit by bit, and sighs quietly. ]

This is great. [ A pause. ] Back at home, before tennis matches, my sister would massage my back to help me relax. After matches, too, if we had a particularly rough one.

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Ehe. I'm glad it's helping.

A sister? What's her name?

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Her name's Shizuka. She's about seven years older than me.

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An older sister? That must be nice... I have a brother and he's younger than me. Tatsuya. He's even learning how to use a fork properly right now...

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Ah. I have a younger brother, too. Takeru. He's only a couple years younger than me. Nerdy, scrawny little thing. Not into sports like I am. But I was pretty close with both of them.

[ Was. One of the things he misses the most is his siblings. ]

B. Phone.

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Niou-kun? [ A pause and-- ] Is everything all right?

B. Phone.

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[ A quiet exhale that could possibly be a sigh of relief. ] Aw, and here I thought you'd been turned into one of the creepy vampire things. Y'know they've been pickin' their friends up and carryin' them around bridal style? It's a shame I missed out on that.

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[ Perhaps a tone of voice that expresses his relief as well. ] At the very least, it's preferable to the other events that have occurred since my arrival. [ A pause before he adds: ] Admittedly, it does seem fitting to your character. [ Can you hear his nearly inaudible chuckle, Niou? ]

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Ditto. [ Only if you can hear the quiet snort, which is accompanied by an unseen (or maybe not quite so unseen, with these two) eyeroll. ] I would never pick up my friends bridal style. That's what telekinesis is for.

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And I'm sure you will have an ample amount of opportunities to show your skills here in Mayfield.

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Mayfield is the best stage.