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Match 15


To anyone who knew Yagyuu Hiroshi... he's gone. [ And you might hear the shaky exhale of breath before he hangs up. ]

Action for 1249 Williams Road:

[ Surely his housemates have gotten used to his disruptive behavior. It's different this time, though. Loud noises can be heard from the kitchen. The sounds of glass braking and things being thrown against the walls. He's shouting, but he's not forming words. Just angry bursts of noise every so often. Once he finally tires himself out and stops sweeping his arm across the counters, he falls into a chair. Now he's just very, very quiet, staring blankly at the table in front of him.


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That a guy from your home-world, Bianco Natale?

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The very one. [ A beat of silence. ] But, yanno, at least he doesn't have to deal with Mayfield's bullshit anymore. He can live in blissful happiness and play tennis.

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That's one good thing about it, I suppose. [There's a pause, since he's not used to asking what he wants to ask. He's going to sound a bit awkward asking this.] You okay?

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[ And Niou's not going to make it any less awkward or easier with his response. ] Oh, yeah, I'm perfectly fuckin' okay. I'm the very definition of 'okay'. Seriously, look it up in the dictionary. You'll see my picture.

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[Can you see Bel frowning on the other end? He's not even used to hesitate about aything, least of all his words.] There's different types of okay, y'know. And I'm more used to ask 'dead already', not about how people's feeling.

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[ He makes a small noise in the back of his throat. ] Nn. If you really want to know, no, I'm not okay.

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[There's a small pause, where Bel moves to sit atop the counter instead of leaning against the wall.] It's the guy you looked for during that destuction-thing back in November, right? [And now he's considering going over to Niou's after the call ends.]

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Uh-huh. [ He's quiet again for a moment. ] It's stupid of me to be so fuckin' shocked by it, though. Everybody leaves from this place eventually anyway.

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Maybe it is. Dunno how shocked I'd be if someone like.. Mammon was here and then left again. [Because out of the others in Varia, it was Mammon he cared the most about.] So I guess it's not weird that you're shocked.

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It feels weird. Things don't often take me by surprise. [ Seriously, he was always the one doing the shocking, never being the shocked. ] First it was Yukimura, then Marui, and now Yagyuu. This place fucks with your emotions.

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Same here. [Okay, finding out the brother you killed and buried was somehow alive had been shocking. But that future had been prevented.] Getting taken by surprise can lead to death when you're in my field of work, so it'd be pretty stupid to let it happen often. [He gives a small laugh.] Hasn't it done that pretty much all the time?

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Yeah, well bein' taken by surprise here basically gets you the same damn result. [ A pause. ] Oh, sure. I'm sure they get off on causin' the misery

warning, warning, I /think/ I got the Italian right, but I'm so not sure.^^;;

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Sort of, yeah. [But here you didn't die permanently. From what he'd seen.] That much's for sure. [Then, muttered in rapid Italian, meant to be said to whoever was the one causing all this.] Testa di cazzo di merda.
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I know zero Italian, so you're already ahead of me. XD

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[ A short beat of silence. ] Now, I love pretty boys murmuring things to me in a foreign language as much as the next guy, but what the fuck does that mean?

Hah, I'll have to study it some day. ..after I'm done with the Japanese, that is. XD

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You calling me pretty? [He laughs a bit.] It was directed at the ones doing this though. It means 'dickfaced piece of shit'.

I still have to study Japanese. XD

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Would you rather I call you sexy? [ He snorts. ] Such a classy choice of words.

Me too. Well, I am, or I'm waiting to get accepted into the next term, but yeah. Me too. XD;;

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As long as you admit I look good, I'm fine with either. [Griiiin.] The Prince is always classy.

Oh, well I hope you get accepted into the next term then. :3

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I'd be lyin' if I said you didn't. [ Another snort. ] Even when he's dressed like a chick?

Thanks.^^ I hope so too.

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Thank you~ You're pretty hot yourself. [He laughs again.] Of course. Even then.

Phone ☆

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[ How couldn't she be worried? Madoka knows what it's like to lose friends. It's nothing she'd ever wish on him. And hearing him sound that way is kind of scary... ]

Niou-kun, where are you? I'm coming, whether y-you like it or not, so...

Phone ☆

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[ There's a long stretch of quiet going on over here, but eventually he answers. ] I'm at home.

Phone ☆

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O-okay... I'm coming!

[ Which she is. Madoka hangs up and immediately heads to his house. She'll be knocking on the door a few minutes later, acting on the burst of courage that her concern has given her. ]

N, Niou-kun! Sorry, I'm here..!

Phone ☆

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[ And he opens the door almost as soon as she knocks. All things considering, he doesn't look too bad. Just a bit tired, really. ]

Are you apologizing for bein' here?

[ He pulls her into the house and shuts the door behind her. Welcome to Niou's fabulous kitchen, which looks like a tornado ripped through it. Broken pieces of plates and cups are scattered about, stacks of papers have been thrown aside, and there's a bowl of fruit on the floor. ] Watch the glass.

Action ☆

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I... [ Yep, she was!

Madoka walks in quickly, not wanting to let the cold air into his house. When she sees the state of his kitchen her mouth drops open... something she corrects as quickly as possible by covering it with her hands.

N-Niou-kun... Niou-kun, this is dangerous, um-. Do you have a broom or...? One second, I-I can find one somewhere...! Please be careful! [ That's what he just warned you to do, stupid. ]

Action ☆

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[ He glances over his shoulder at her. ] Don't worry about it. I'll clean it up later. Just watch where you step. [ Then he's going to stand up a chair he flipped earlier and sit in it. ]

Action ☆

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I, um... o, okay...

[ Madoka follows behind him, through her gaze is stuck to the floor. This doesn't look like an accident. It doesn't look like a case of someone just dropping a plate; it looks like everything was thrown around. The tantrum-like situation immediately reminds Madoka of a witch and the way their lairs unfold.

Niou has essentially become a witch in her eyes
and that's way too sad for Madoka to bear.

Niou... kun, um... are you... you're not doing okay, are you? [ Surprisingly assertive for a Madoka. Part of her is warning her, "There's nothing you can do", but more of her wants to help. She doesn't want anymore friends in this state. ]

Action ☆

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Oh, I'm fine. [ He looks up at her now, and despite the lightness he put in his voice, his expression is very blank. ] I like to throw plates against walls and flip the furniture when I'm in a good mood.

[ He realizes he's being a complete ass when she's only trying to help, but it's a natural response. But it's one that's uncalled for. He looks back down at his hands folded in his lap. ] ... He was -is- my best friend.

Action ☆

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I... sorry. [ Madoka hangs her head. That hopeless feeling is overwhelming. She really can't do anything, can she?

She breaths in, trying to soothe that doubt.

I know... Sayaka-chan... t, too... [ Madoka steadies her voice. This isn't a time to cry over Sayaka's sad fate. Instead she walks closer to give Niou a hug-- to hide her miserable expression and offer comfort. ]

Losing someone... even if it means they're safe from Mayfield. It's painful... I'm sorry it happened to you too, Niou-kun. I'm really sorry.

Action ☆

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[ He isn't surprised by the hug, really. He kind of expected it. And it's completely, and totally welcome. He hugs her back, forcing himself not to burst into tears immediately. Because, come on, manly men didn't cry. Especially not in front of girls. ]

Yeah, well. Shit happens. Can't say I wasn't expectin' it. Everybody leaves this place eventually.

Action ☆

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[ She tightens her hug just slightly, switching from being nervous to more confident in her comforting. ]

Even so... even so, it's okay to be sad, s-so... so, if you're sad you don't have to hide it. I won't tell anyone, Niou-kun, s-so... [ She'd rather he cried than break more dishes, anyway. ]