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Taki Haginosuke:
Niou doesn't hate Taki. He can actually tolerate Taki and hold a conversation with him without wanting to punch him in the teeth. But wow, Taki is really gay. Really, really gay. He's also a rival, which isn't something Niou's likely to forget.

Echizen Ryoma:
He really hates Echizen. Like, really hates. He thinks the kid is a snot-nosed cheating brat, and he wants to hit him in the face with a tennis ball. On the other hand, Echizen has a really cute cat and Niou likes really cute cat. But he only likes Echizen's cat. Not Echizen.

Harley Quinn:
Niou thinks his Not!Mom is pretty cool, to be honest. Not that he'll ever admit it, but hey. She likes pranks, she's not overbearing, and she only really bothers him when he needs her to. He doesn't know her well enough to call her a friend, but a friendly acquaintance? Totally.

Niou's talked to Jolt all of once since arriving. First impressions being the only thing to go on, he doesn't hate him. Scared the living fuck out of him at first, because holy shit a talking car, but he quickly adjusted to the idea.
Out of all the people currently in Mayfield, Bel is the most important person to Niou. They went from being friends, to flirting, to making out a lot, and eventually they started dating. It's been an exciting whirlwind of chaotic and unpredictable fun, and Niou loves it.

Madoka Kaname:
Madoka is someone Niou wouldn't have looked twice at, if they hadn't been locked in the bowling alley together. She's a sweetheart, and Niou worries about her like he's her big brother or something. She's good for his morals, makes him think twice about doing the really bad things. The first guy to make her cry is getting punched in the face.

Niou would rather spend his time around Echizen than Byakuran. And that's sayin' something. He's met the guy once, and that's all it took. Especially after the bastard kissed Bel. Niou punched him in the face, and would do it again, given half the chance. All the hate, all of it.
Okumura Rin:
Niou met Rin when Rin first arrived, and was basically an asshole to him from the start. It's no wonder why Rin hates him. Niou likes bugging him and pissing him off, and a lot of the time, their arguments escalate to violence.
He's been perma-droned.

Calleo Crowe:
Niou doesn't know Crowe very well, but he seems like a nice enough guy. They've played tennis together a couple of times, and Crowe didn't suck to bad.

Okay, so he can tolerate Fran more than he can tolerate Echizen. And to be fair, it was because of Fran's annoying ability to see through things that he and Bel ended up getting together. But the guy's still annoying.

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