Match 13

Nov. 24th, 2011 08:32 pm
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Action for 1249 Williams Road:
[ Upon walking into the kitchen, one will find Niou as far away from the table as possible. He has his cat in his arms, almost protectively, and he's glaring at the turkey on the table. There is no way in hell he's going near that thing, let alone eating it. ]

... This is stupid. I'm not even American. I'm fuckin' Japanese for christ's sake. [ A short pause. ] Leave it to fuckin' America to have a holiday where you gorge yourself with as much food as you possibly can without explodin'.
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Action: School

[ When Niou is cheerful, it usually means he just found new blackmail material on somebody or he's just pulled an amazing prank. But that's not the case today! He can be found walking down the hallway, whistling cheerfully, or sitting at his usual lunch table, having pleasant conversations with people. Whatever the case, when you walk by, he greets you in a chirpy voice. ]

Hey there!

Match 5

Aug. 16th, 2011 05:30 pm
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A. Action | Early Morning | 1249 Williams Road

[ Until today, Niou had not once touched that damn milk. He'd heard everything about it, and he had no desire to go anywhere near it. He wasn't stupid, after all, or that much of a dare devil. But this particular morning, when he wakes up, he feels like drinking the milk is a spectacular idea.

So he does!

The household may wake up to the sound of breaking glass and metal clinking against the sink. That would be Niou dropping the milk and spitting razor blades out of his mouth. They've cut the inside of his mouth and the back of his throat up pretty badly, but thankfully, he hasn't swallowed any. He will spend the next several minutes just spitting and bleeding into the sink, though.

Any help from his housemates is greatly appreciated, although he will not be talking. At all. ]

B. Action | Midday | Around town

[ Niou is wandering around town after his razor blade disaster. Probably a stupid idea since there's killing drones running loose, but he had to get out of that house. If you talk to him, he probably won't respond. He will mime out everything he wants to say. Either that, or he'll flip you off and ignore you. It's pretty damn obvious that he is not in a good mood. ]

C. Action | Afternoon | John Doe Park

[ Niou eventually settles on staying in the park. That's where he is now, laying sprawled out on a bench on his back. He's tossing a tennis ball up in the air and catching it again.

He still won't talk to you, considering his mouth hurts like hell, and it's probably a nasty sight anyway. He'll be more willing to actually respond in gestures, though, and less likely to flip you the bird. He seems to be in a much better mood than before. ]
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[ Phone; public. ]

I've been sittin' on the phone for no more than an hour and I've heard more people say "I have a secret" and "There's somethin' I wanna get off my chest" here than I have at girls' sleepovers. And I've heard a lot of shit at a lot of girls' sleepovers. It's like the whole damn town is playin' Truth or Dare, and nobody's fuckin' pickin' Dare. Which makes all of you pussies, by the way. Pickin' Dare is totally the best part of Truth or Dare. All of you suck.


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