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Niou Masaharu ([personal profile] mathisradical) wrote2011-12-08 04:22 pm

Match 14 | Backdated to the 4th!

A. Action for household:
[ Don't be surprised if you hear noises from the kitchen! Niou's in there, and it appears that he's baking a cake. Or trying to, anyway. He's really not the best cook when it comes to things that aren't microwaveable foods. He's not a very neat cook, either. There are ingredients lying all over the place, empty bowls piled in the sink and broken egg shells on the counter. He's humming softly under his breath and seems to be in a surprisingly cheerful mood, even though his cat keeps winding around his feet and tripping him up. ]

B. Phone | Filtered to Yagyuu:

Hey Yeaaaaaaahgyuu~. You haven't forgotten what today is, have you? [ If you've forgotten your best friend's birthday, he won't be very happy. ]