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Match 9

Action | After school | John Doe Park

[ Usually, when Niou's found at the park, he's up to no good. Common examples are crossdressing and harassing anyone who happens to pass by. This time, though, Niou is minding his own business. He's sitting on his favorite bench with a stack of papers beside him. Most of the papers have complicated equations scribbled on them. He has his math textbook and more paper in his lap.

His finished math homework sits on the other side of him, and now he's just doing extra equations for fun.

Feel free to stop by and see what he's doing. He might even offer to help you with your own math, if he's feeling generous. ]

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Um... Niou-kun... what are you doing?

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[ He glances up at her and flashes a smirk. ] Math. [ He tilts the paper so she can see what he's writing. He's in the middle of multi-step equation that's taking up an entire quarter of the page. ]

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I-I see... that doesn't look like the math we have to do for school, though...

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[ He grins. ] It's not. I'm doing some of the harder stuff in the back of the book. [ Although it's not near hard enough for his liking. ]

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B-but um... why? Is math fun...?

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Sure. Math has always been fun to me. [ He tilts his head. ] Are you good at math?

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I um... I can do it! It just... takes a few tries... so uh... No, I guess I'm not too good at it...

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[Out to look for more people to bug, Belphegor spots Niou sitting on a bench. He saunters over, leaning against the back of the bench, taking Niou's textbook from his lap and flipping a few pages. Math. Pretty boring, but easy.]

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[ Niou doesn't say anything when his textbook disappears. He turns around, though, and stares. ]

Are you so hard-pressed for literature that you're goin' around and stealin' peoples' textbooks?

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[Bel laughs, flipping another page.]

Not really~ There's more fun stuff than doing this, why're you just being boring and sitting around~?

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S'not like there's much to do here.

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[He shrugs. The guy had a point.]

Maybe. Unless you kill people~ There's a neverending lot of them~

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I guess that's always an option. [ An option that, so far, he's steered clear of. He has some morals, after all. ]

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[staring over your shoulder]

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[ It takes him just a second to realize he has company. He glances over his shoulder and raises an eyebrow. ]

Impressed yet?

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That's nothing. I can do all of that stuff.

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This was just the hardest stuff I could find in the damn book. Not at all challengin' enough.

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I can't believe people actually have trouble with this kind of stuff.

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Numbers are easy. Numbers make other things easy, too.

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[ And that bench also happen to be Hibari's favorite in this park. He stop in front of Niou and glare. ]

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[ Niou's very used to being glared at, so he's ignoring Hibari until he finishes this equation.

Finally, he looks up and raises an eyebrow. ]

Whatever you think I did, I probably didn't do it on accident.

[ Niou, that isn't a defense. ]


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[ He frowns at that, and cross his arms over his chest. ]


He just thinks he's being cute.

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[ He tilts his head to the side and and pouts his lips. ]

What's the magic word~?

y'mean he isn't? =3

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Magic word?

[ He huffs. ]

Or I'll bite you to death.

Shhhhhh, don't encourage him. /o\

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Those are words. I said magic word.

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